reid waterer - editor


-multiple  Key Art  and  Golden Trailer Award  winner.

-experienced in each genre, especially comedy & drama

-cut first 3 seasons' trailers for Baskets, won 2016 Silver Clio for S1

-cut launch ads for multiple yrs of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

-cut weekly episodics for Archer & Sunny, + branding reels for FX

-cut trlrs for 3 Tyler Perry films & social spots for Netflix & Freeform

- Creative, collaborative, and always marketing minded.

Trailers, TV Spots, & Social Promos:
Grace and Frankie  -  Series Launch Trailer
 Baskets  -  Season1 Trailer  -  CLIO SILVER Winner
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -  Launch TV Spot
Game Over, Man!  -  Teaser Trailer for Netflix
Wind River  -  :30 T V Spot
Sully  -  :15 T V Spot
Archer  -  Season 9 Trailer
Chicago Fire  -  Episodic T V Spot
 Good Trouble  -  Social Character Spot for Freeform
Sabrina -  Social Promo  
  Birdbox -  Social Promo
Manchester By the Sea  -  :30 T V Spot
Transparent  -  Season 4 Trailer
Batman Ninja  -  Social Trailer for Netflix
Niko & the Sword of Light - Trailer for Prime Kids show
Odd Life of Timothy Green  -   U.S. Theatrical  Trailer
Kidnap -  :30 T V Spot
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia -  Season 13 Trailer 
Casanova -  Trailer for a Prime original
Legacy TV Spots and Trailers:
The Hangover -  :30 T V Spot
Get Smart -  :30 T V Spot
Michael Clayton - GOLDEN TRAILER Nominee T V
Self Medicated -  Theatrical Trailer
John Hughes Tribute Montage:
Mamma Mia!  -   U.S. Theatrical  Teaser Trailer
Madea's Family Reunion -  Theatrical Trailer
Mad Hot Ballroom -  GOLDEN TRAILER Nominee
Enchanted -  :30 T V Spot
Archer -  Extended Sales Reel:
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